Special Workshops for Students


All Things Math conducts special workshops and programs periodically throughout the year for students, families, teachers and the community.  Check our Schedule page for upcoming events.

Special workshops

Enrichment Workshops for Students

These workshops offer interesting learning opportunities for students who want to broaden their mathematics experiences and sharpen their critical thinking skills. Workshops are offered throughout the year.

Workshop topics include:

  • The Mathematics of Voting.
  • Snowflakes and Fractals.
  • Taxicab Geometry.
  • The Odd World of Algebraic Topology.
  • Origami Polyhedra.


Success in High School and College Math

This workshop is offered periodically throughout the year. The program explores what students must do to learn mathematics and why they need to do it. This program contains practical suggestions to help all students succeed in their classes. It is designed not only for students who sometimes struggle in math but also for students who are doing well and want to learn more about how to build math understanding.