Math Coaching


All Things Math offers math coachingindividual and small group coaching to help all students achieve their best in mathematics. We know that one size does not fit all and that different students respond to different teaching methods. Most of all, we know that an effective math coach must have:

  • A love of mathematics.
  • A passion for teaching.
  • A broad understanding of the mathematics curriculum.
  • Extensive teaching experience.
  • A continuous, informal assessment process that is used during each coaching session.
  • Experience in presenting math concepts in a variety of ways to help motivate students and keep them engaged in the learning process.
  • A deep understanding of the math concepts that precede and follow the course they are teaching.

At All Things Math we work with students, parents and (with permission) teachers to develop clear goals. Together, we formulate a plan to reach those goals. During each session we use multiple tools to assess:

  • How a student is approaching a particular task or problem.
  • Opportunities for connections or enrichment.
  • Gaps in the student’s knowledge.
  • Why a student might be experiencing difficulties.

We also help students:

  • Become confident, independent and self-sufficient learners of mathematics.
  • Develop more organized and effective study habits.
  • Understand the role of mathematics in their futures.

Ongoing communication with students, parents, and families is one key to our success.  Also, with parental permission, we are willing to meet with a student’s classroom teacher to further improve the coaching process.

At All Things Math, student success is our top priority!