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Family Fun

Parents and Math Workshops

Parents have many opportunities to help their children succeed in math. The Parents and Math Program helps parents take advantage of these opportunities and gives parents the tools to assist the math education process. We offer hands-on workshops to help parents blend mathematics lessons into the home from the earliest days of childhood onward. Other workshops help parents understand what their children will be learning, understand the goals of the math curriculum and understand how parental attitudes can promote their student’s math success. Many of these workshops can also be useful for after-school caretakers and day care providers.

Individual workshop topics include:

  • Far Beyond Counting – Math for ages 1–5.
  • Exploring Math Through Literature.
  • Math Manipulatives.
  • Math Games for the Elementary Student.
  • The Goals of Middle School Math.
  • Preparing the High School Student for College.

Space is limited to 12 participants.

See Schedule page for upcoming workshop dates.


Family Math Night Fun

These evenings are designed for students and parents to explore mathematics together through games, puzzles and more. Students and parents work together to solve puzzles, create art or play games based on math concepts. Our activities aim to stimulate imagination and thinking skills.

Watch for these special evenings on our Schedule page throughout the year.


After School Girls’ Math Club

This math club meets monthly beginning every September and running throughout the school year. The club is for girls in grades 3–5 who want to challenge themselves in math. Many students entering grades 3–5 are enthusiastic about mathematics. However, during these grades some students also begin to lose interest in math. Like our Summer Explorers Program, our club activities are designed to be fun, educational and especially inspiring. Our activities help to connect mathematics to science, literature, writing and the arts.
Watch for more detailed scheduling information in August.

Space is limited to 10 students.